Cut coat according to cloth (what it means for Business)

Cut your coat according to your cloth is an idiomatic expression that entails spending according to what your money could buy.

It means a lot of things depending on the field you are relating it to.

Irrespective of the field you wish to link this idiom to, it passes the same information.

In this post, we shall be linking it to how it affects a business owner.

You know, most new business owners try to do everything possible to see to it that their business flourishes.

And when they come out with the opposite expectations they become angry and want to curse themselves for starting the business in the first place.

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Cut the coat according to cloth what it means for business owners

Cut coat according to cloth

Every business owner knows how much he or she has and is willing to invest in his or her business.

Risk, they say, is necessary for every business but one shouldn’t do more than himself.

If you don’t have millions to start a business why not go for a business that will fit in the amount that you have already?

Let me take, for example, my uncle back then in 2009 had an interest in starting a poultry farm.

He promised himself to own one of the best poultries in the region.

Unfortunately for him, his dream came crashing when he realized that the only obstacle standing in his way was financial unavailability.

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Till 2016, my uncle was yet to start his poultry farm courtesy of not having enough money to start the huge project.

He got married in late 2017 and surprisingly, his wife started rearing chicks.

She started with as little as 20 chicks and today, my uncle and his wife are proud owners of a great poultry farm in my locality.

To cut your coat according to your cloth is very important in all aspects of life.

If my uncle had refused to join his wife in starting very small, they wouldn’t have owned a poultry farm today.

Also, if my uncle had started small despite the financial problems, he would have waxed stronger compared to now.

All he wanted was big poultry and until he gets that mighty poultry he cannot be happy with himself.

My uncle, through his wife who forced him to learn how to manage the little he has, is today a proud owner of a poultry farm in my area.

New business owners and their desire to start a business

If you are an aspiring business owner you must understand your financial capabilities.

Understanding this will go a long way in helping you manage your resources very well.

You will know how to start and how best to sustain the life of your business.

On a simple note, cut your coat according to your cloth.

In Summary

Always know that no one is advised to carry a load bigger than him or her.

If requesting a loan from the bank won’t favour you I would advise you to start with the very little that you have.

Starting little has always been of great benefit to all aspiring business owners.

I hope this was helpful. Feel free to share with us that little business you started that has grown into a giant business.

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