Meaning of “Little drops of water make a mighty ocean” quote

Little drops of water make a mighty ocean is a quote credited to Julia Carney.

Though, I would say that there is a possibility of misappropriation of the quote author. This is because Igbos in Nigeria are proud to trace this quote to their forefathers.

In the Igbo language, it is spoken as “ntanta mmiri n’ebute oke oshimiri”.

Well, in this post we are not treating the actual origin of small drops make an ocean proverb but rather the real meaning.

So, whether “the drop of little water makes a mighty ocean” is a quote by Julia Carney or Igbo ancestors, our major focus in this post is to extract the real meaning of the quote.

Let’s discuss the meaning of small drops make an ocean proverb

The meaning of the "Little drops of water make a mighty ocean" quote

The short meaning of this quote entails that things did little by little lead to greatness.

To achieve greatness you must start little by little. And it must be a continuous process.

Never relent if you must get to any length or position you wish to attain.

Little/Small Drops of Water: This has to do with all your continuous and undying efforts.

Here, it means that you are not relenting on anything. You are always trying your best no matter the discouragements.

These efforts you make to succeed must be sustained to help you achieve your purpose.

Mighty Ocean: This has to do with the main purpose.

Every person makes an effort to achieve a purpose. When you have a goal to achieve you will always do what it takes to ensure that you achieve such a goal.

The “little drops of water make a mighty ocean” idea is clearly explained as a sustained effort geared towards success.

How this quote relates to financial freedom

It should not surprise you to know that the “Little drops of water make a mighty ocean” quote has a link to financial freedom.

This is possible in such a way that it encourages people to save money no matter how little.

Just like in one of our previous posts (a piece of advice by Williams Uchemba). Create a bank account where you or no one would have no access to withdraw until a particular time.

When this account is created, keep on transferring money into it no matter how small. It will surprise you how much you have made after one year.

If you want to be successful, learn to save no matter how little

How it Encourages the Expansion of Idea

The proverb “Little drops of water make a mighty ocean” encourages the expansion of ideas by fostering a mindset of incremental growth and collective effort.

It prompts individuals to recognize the value of small contributions and understand their role in the larger picture. This idea extends beyond the literal context of water forming an ocean, urging people to apply the concept to their endeavors. When contemplating projects, innovations, or go

als, the proverb encourages breaking them down into manageable, smaller tasks. By emphasizing the significance of these individual efforts, it stimulates creativity in finding innovative solutions, collaborations, and approaches to achieve a more extensive and impactful outcome.

In essence, the proverb encourages a holistic view of idea expansion, recognizing that the sum of smaller components can lead to a profound and comprehensive result.

Wrapping things up on “little drops of water make a mighty ocean”

“Little drops of water make a mighty ocean” have been so much used by lots of people who might lack an understanding of what it entails.

The quote has a straightforward meaning that even a layman can understand without any explanation.

Learn to do things little by little and of course, you will get there.

Also, no matter how small your business is, keep on investing in it and keep on doing what you are doing, you will surely get there.

Amazon did not become a giant online marketplace in a day. It started little by little and today it is a giant go-to-buy online market.

Even as a new blogger you don’t need to worry about your blog’s inability to attract powerful traffic. Just continue writing and sharing helpful content bearing in mind and putting into practice SEO techniques.

Your door to success will surely open.

Hope this was helpful. Feel free to leave us a comment.

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