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At what age is it right to start making money?

At what age is it okay to start making money is a question that a whole lot of people have been asking.

A clear and simple answer to this question is by asking this question; “at what age is a person supposed to start eating?”

I know that it is wrong to answer a question with a question. Lol, welcome to the part of the world where such works.

Making Money is not restricted to any particular age.

Though, in some countries, individuals below the age of 18 are not yet ready to start thinking about how to make money.

They are still regarded as minors until they clock 18 years.

Even where this is obtainable, it shouldn’t still stop you or anybody from making money.

Any person at any age can start making money no matter who they are.

When you are capable of controlling all parts of your body you are ready to start making money.

To further break that down, what I am trying to say is that as long as you can control your hands, legs, tongue, eyes, nose etc, it means that you are capable enough to start making money.

For you to make money you need some parts of your body to function.

Infants who know nothing about money-making can be counted out as people who are not up to the age of making money.

Is there a specific age for anyone to make money?

Just like I pointed out, apart from infants who have no control of their body’s various parts, every other person can make money.

Societies where children below 18 years can make money

If you find yourself in this kind of society, it is not enough reason why you should not think of making money.

You can have your arts and allow an older trusted person to handle the monetary aspect of it.

Platforms like Google will not permit you to make money from them except if you are 18 years and above.

At this point, it is necessary to have an older sibling or trusted friend or partner who will handle the platform for you.

The person will serve as a placeholder while you attain the required age.

Why I am sharing this post for the sake of many who are troubled with the question of how can they make money from their talents when their country prohibits people of their age to own a business.

Let’s make this whole thing clear and simple to understand

If you are below 18 years and you find yourself in a country where it is against the law for people of your age to own or manage a business, you can seek the service of an older individual to do that for you.

Let’s say you are a comedian or a good dancer and you want to make money from your arts.

Social media platforms are great avenues to start making money. The only thing is that someone has to stand in your place when it comes to withdrawing your money.

I trust you have seen videos of many children making huge sums of money from social media through things they do and people love.

They are not the people managing the monetary aspect but rather their agents.

You can also do the same. Find someone who is older than you are and let that person manage your channel for you.

You must do the arts while your manager manages the monetary aspect.

When you become of age and you think you can now manage your channel holistically, you are free to relieve your manager of his or her duty.


No matter your age, you can still make good money.

Do not be carried away by the law of the land. Of course, you will obey them but there are legit ways you can avoid them.

This legit way of bypassing the law of “No business for individuals under 18” is what I’ve discussed in this post.

In a simple sentence, yes, you can make money at any age except for infants who cannot control some parts of their bodies.

Hope this info was helpful? Feel free to leave your comments.

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