Make more money with Ezoic Affiliate Program in 2023

The ezoic affiliate program is yet another interesting way to make more money with your blog.

Although with ads that Ezoic is showing on your approved blog, they still came up with another earning opportunity – Humix and now, affiliate marketing.

Honestly, Ezoic is too good to be sidelined. Their efforts so far towards helping their users have the best experience with the platform are second to none.

If you have not started making efforts to apply for the Ezoic affiliate program, I think you are still wasting time.

The desire to have an established website is the goal of all bloggers. 94% of bloggers hope to make an astonishing amount of money from their blogs.

If you are on Ezoic, you have the opportunity to make more money through the platform. This is possible through affiliate marketing.

How the Ezoic affiliate program works

For you to have access to the Ezoic affiliate program you must first of all be an approved user of the Ezoic platform.

Affiliate marketing has to do with introducing a product to someone and when the person buys the product using your link, you get a commission for that.

The ezoic affiliate program is kinda different from the normal affiliate program you know.

Here, you will need to use your unique referral link to invite non-users of Ezoic to start making use of the platform.

If you are new to Ezoic and want to join the Ezoic platform and start making cool cash, feel free to create a free account now.

Ezoic Affiliate Payment style

Ezoic affiliate program

When someone clicks on the link and joins, Ezoic will pay you 3% of the person’s lifetime earnings.

What this means is that, when the person you introduced to Ezoic using your unique referral link cashes out every month, you are entitled to 3% of his or her payment.

Let’s say, for example, someone you introduced to Ezoic cashed out $1000 in a month, and you will be rewarded with 3% of $1000 which is $30.

This is how it will continue until the person decides to deactivate Ezoic from his or her blog shortly which of course, I don’t see the possibility of.

However, it is very important to note that any amount made by your referral cannot be tampered with.

If your referral makes $1000, Ezoic will pay the person the money untouched while you get your 3%.

Also, note that Ezoic will only add you to the list of Ezoic affiliate awardees when you have successfully introduced someone to the platform and the person creates an account with Ezoic.

Whoever you refer to Ezoic through your affiliate referral link can also refer others to the platform.

To join Ezoic today feel free to create a free account with them.

Ezoic affiliate payment threshold

The threshold for payment is still the same as the normal payment threshold which is $20.

You can increase the threshold as much as you want but it can’t be reduced below $20.

Feel free to check out how to withdraw your money from Ezoic.

Wrapping things up

Ezoic has made it very easy for its users to make lots of money using their platform.

This ranges from showing ads to uploading videos and their affiliate program.

All these opportunities are open to Ezoic users only. This is why you’ll need to create a free account now to start enjoying these privileges.

Feel free to let us know if you have further questions. Have you had an experience with the Ezoic affiliate program you want to share with us? Feel free to tell us via the comments section.

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By Sir Chike

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