How to Add Cosmic Effect on Your Image Using Capcut

It is a known fact that Capcut harbours a lot of sophisticated effects that can wow your videos. One of these special effects is the cosmic effect.

The cosmic effect is a creative effect or style used in video editing or visual effects that evoke a cosmic or space-like atmosphere.

So in this article or guide, we are going to learn how to apply this special effect to our image.

Before that, let’s get to understand the meaning of cosmic.

What is Cosmic?

The term “cosmic” generally refers to something related to the cosmos, which encompasses the entire universe. It is often used to describe phenomena, objects, or concepts associated with outer space, celestial bodies, and the vastness of the universe.

In a broader sense, “cosmic” can also convey a sense of grandeur, expansiveness, or something that is awe-inspiring and beyond human comprehension. It can be used metaphorically to express the idea of something transcendent, mysterious, or beyond the ordinary.

Examples of the usage of “cosmic” include cosmic rays (high-energy particles from space), cosmic background radiation (faint radiation that is a remnant of the Big Bang), cosmic dust (tiny particles found in space), cosmic events (such as supernovae or black hole mergers), or cosmic perspective (a philosophical or scientific viewpoint that emphasizes the interconnectedness of the universe).

Ultimately, the term “cosmic” is often used to evoke a sense of the immense and awe-inspiring nature of the universe and the mysteries that lie beyond our planet.

So let’s get started.

How to add Cosmic Effect on your image using Capcut

Highlight the image: let us assume you have already added the image you wish to add this special effect. What you should do is tap on the image on the timeline to highlight it. When that is done, the property panel or tools bar will change to allow you to tweak the image anyhow you deem fit.

Click on Style: after highlighting your image on the timeline, your next action is to click on “Style”. This is where you will find the cosmic and some other special effects.

Find and apply Cosmic Effect: Scroll to the left gently and locate the cosmic effect. Click on it and see it has already been applied to your image.

Click the check button: Your effect can never apply except you click on the check button at the right-hand side of your smartphone right below the timeline. When you click the check button, the effect will automatically apply to the image.

Final result (when cosmic effect is applied)

And that is it. That is how you can apply a cosmic effect to your video using the Capcut video editor.

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By Sir Chike

Sir Chike is an Imo born teacher and actor. He studied at Alvan Ikoku Federal college of Education (AIFCE) Owerri, Imo state. He has obtained the following qualifications; 1. Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) in Political Science and Social Studies. 2. Bachelor in Education (B.Ed) in Social Studies