Best Phones for Your Smartphone Video Editing Experience

With the evolution of smartphones and their constant advancement, video editors no longer need to wait for laptops and or PCs to have their videos edited.

The availability of phones has made it possible for almost all smartphone owners to become video editors.

With your phone, you can shoot your videos and edit them directly or use a third-party application to edit them right from your phone.

In this post, we shall be hitting out 5 smartphones that are awesome and can help you do your video editing perfectly.

So if you are the type of person who is not interested in carrying gadgets like video cameras and laptops for editing, you can get any of these phones to do those jobs for you.

Are you ready? Let’s go.

1. Google Pixel 7a

In great need of a perfect phone to start editing your videos? Google Pixel 7a is a great option.

Google Pixel 7a

It has all that you need to venture into video making. The awesome smartphone has a long battery life. The battery no matter how used can last for 24 hours.

Unlike many other phones whose battery is only sustained for 4-6 hours. I won’t forget, it has a memory space of 128GB. That is a lot for any smartphone video editor. Do you hope to enjoy your video editing process? Choose Google Pixel 7a.

2. ExAchat M13 Pro

When it comes to speed, space and lasting battery, ExAchat M13 Pro is the availability option.

ExAchat M13 Pro

You can’t trade this smartphone for novice smartphones when it comes to the world of video editing.

ExAchat M13 Pro does the smartphone video editing job perfectly for you. With this phone, you don’t need to worry about phone lagging, low battery etc.

Things you’ll enjoy with this phone include but are not limited to 6GB+256GB worth of memory storage, dual SIM, Fingerprint/Face ID unlock, Large Screen, and 5800mAh battery capacity.

So what are you waiting for? Go get this phone now and begin your video editing journey.

3. SAMSUNG Galaxy S23 Ultra Cell Phone

Do I need to talk much when it comes to Samsung products? Samsung Galaxy S23 is that smartphone that its name is mentioned in the video editing world, other smartphones bow in loyalty.

SAMSUNG Galaxy S23 Ultra

The memory storage is a banger. It has a long battery life, anything you can think of that would give you the best experience as a smartphone video editor.

In all honesty, I don’t see why you shouldn’t jump into the market now and get this smartphone.

A full blog post is not enough to explain the goodies that come with this smartphone. The experiences are top-notch. Trust me, you won’t regret making Samsung Galaxy S23 your smartphone video editing companion.

4. OnePlus 11 5G

Ahaa! Video editing is made easy as new products emerge. Have you thought of a smartphone that will give you 16GB RAM and 256GM memory storage? OnePlus is that smartphone.


With OnePlus, you are in a world of speed and excellent experience. The phone will help to make your video editing process worthwhile.

When it comes to battery life, fast charging, dual SIM, and 4nm Processor, the OnePlus smartphone has your back.

As a video editor, you don’t want to be left out with the latest on the ground. I would advise you to consider this smartphone as it appears to be one of the greatest options when it comes to smartphone video editing.


At the mention of the word “RED”, all are ready. By the time “MAGIC” is added, the disappearance of lower-order phones becomes necessary.

RedMagic 8S Pro

RedMagic 8S Pro is that smartphone that has all it takes to give you a great video editing experience.

Honestly, it is a phone that doesn’t need further or in-depth explanation since it is believed that good products speak for themselves.

RedMagic is a must-have smartphone for every video editor.

When it comes to speed, battery life, etc., RedMagic is the best option. So I don’t see any reason why you are still wasting time. Go get your RedMagic smartphone now!

By Sir Chike

Sir Chike is an Imo born teacher and actor. He studied at Alvan Ikoku Federal college of Education (AIFCE) Owerri, Imo state. He has obtained the following qualifications; 1. Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) in Political Science and Social Studies. 2. Bachelor in Education (B.Ed) in Social Studies