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Is legit? A 2023 Review

So let me guess, you saw sneakers online either on Facebook or Twitter or from Google SERP, when you tapped on it, it directed you to and you are worried if the site is legit or fake.

Because you were directed to an e-store that you might not have heard of before, you became worried.

Don’t worry, in this review, you will get to know if you are permitted to trade with them or better still save your money and go get the sneakers through reputable e-stores.

What is Sneaker Cool?

Sneaker cool which can be accessed through is an online platform where nice sneakers are sold at affordable prices.

Unlike ljr sneakers that only sell sneaker replicas, Sneaker Cool sell original shoes the same way it was gotten from their producers.

The shoe industry is said to be of China origin. It has and is still doing cool businesses with international customers.

That is to say, people from different parts of the world come to them through their websites to patronize them.

People’s review about the online store

People's review about the online store

So far, the e-store has not gathered many reviews on the internet since its launch in 2021.

However, it has been advised that you try to buy your desired sneakers from reputable or known platforms so that you won’t be worried about receiving your product after making payments.

is legit?

is legit?

Let me come clear here, we have not had direct business with this e-store before and for that reason, we will be sitting on the fence.

What I am trying to say here is that I won’t conclude at this time if the site is genuine or not since we have not had any one-on-one contact with them before.

However, from our interaction with the site through surfing, we came to notice that the site has all it takes to prove it is legit.

Sneaker Cool e-store has pages like the contact us page, privacy policy page, return policy page, etc.

Though this does not make a site completely free from being tagged as a scam since scammers still apply these tactics to deceive the unsuspecting public.

One of the reasons why might not be a trusted platform is that it is;

  • Relatively new on the internet
  • The owner (s) of the store is/are unknown
  • No customer review widget
  • Some products are suspiciously cheap.

Therefore, it is advised that you make serious research about them before engaging in any form of trade with them.

Wrapping Up: Is legit?

Sneaker Cool as an e-store where sneakers are sold has caused lots of queries from people. They wonder if the site is legit or not.

Because we have not had any direct business with them, I can’t say for sure if the site is legit or not. This by implication means that I will be sitting on the fence when it comes to deciding whether the site is legit or fake.

However, we call on anyone who has had an experience with the platform to share with us via the comments section their stories.

Hope this was helpful.

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