Make money from your experience

To make money from your experience is super cool. Many do not know that this tip can be very possible to achieve.

In this article we shall be looking at how possible it is for you to make money through your experience.

Have you had an experience? Do you have something intriguing you think you can share with the world? Instead of sharing it for free, why not monetize it?

Interestingly, you can monetize this experience and the money will start coming in even while you sleep.

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What is an experience?

Before I continue with the explanation of how you can make money off your experience, it is nice to know what an experience is.

Experience, according to the Oxford Dictionary, is “an event or occurrence which leaves an impression on someone”.

It is also an activity which has happened in the past and might leave an indelible mark in the heart of the person involved. This by implication means that most experiences of a person can hardly be forgotten owing to its importance.

Take for example, a person who was hospitalized for wrongly handling hot water. If such a person recovers from that hurt, do you still think he will carelessly handle hot water or attempt to go close to hot water next time? The honest truth is, after his experience with hot water, he can never attempt going close to it again.

So in most cases, experiences form someone’s history.

How to make money from your experience

Make money from your experience

Now, let’s discuss our main purpose of writing this post.

1. Assemble All Experiences

One of the first things you will need to do is to assemble these experiences. This could be done by picking a paper and a pen and making a good note of all you can remember.

Let’s say for example, you’ve got a story you want to share with people which is basically your experience or someone else’s experience.

With the paper and pen, you can jot down all these ideas.

2. Type your ideas

Your next step is to type all you have written down either with your phone or personal computer.

On most occasions, I recommend using DOCS or WPS for Android users.

When you are done typing your written story, you will have to take the next step.

3. Proofread your work

Read what you have written and ensure you do away with ambiguity.

That is to say, try to correct small and big grammatical mistakes, and ensure that your written work is so simple that any person can read and understand it.

4. Allow a professional proofread your work

After you are done going through your work, it is also very important you invite a professional to look at the work.

Sometimes, you are charged for your work to undergo a proofreading process by a professional.

It will be fine if you have your work to be read and possibly corrected by a professional but where you don’t have the money to pay a professional, you can as well, do it yourself. But I strongly advise you seek a professional’s insight.

5. Well-formatted experience

As part of the proofreading process, ensure that when you are proofreading the work it is well formatted.

A job that is well-formatted encourages a good reading experience. Not just that, it can as well encourage your readers to always come back for more.

6. Create mouthwatering Cover page

One first thing that attracts the attention of a prospective reader is the image of your cover page.

After putting great effort in creating your content, another aspect you’ll need to consider important is the cover page of your work.

It is better left with a graphics designer so that you can get better results.

7. Publish your your experience

This is the interesting part. Haven created your content and you are sure you are happy with what you have created, the next step to take is publishing it to start making money.

Nothing attracts and sustains a reader more than a well written experience of another person.

The reason is because they feel connected to the life of that person and begin to put themselves in the person’s shoes.

Amazon is a great place you can publish this content.

Interestingly, you can create a free account on Amazon and start selling any of your products.

After you have converted your written experience into Amazon’s ebook recommended formats, go ahead to publish this new work on the platform.

Feel free to see how you can start selling ebooks for free on Amazon.

What to do Before Publishing Your Story on Amazon

Make money from your experience

Before you hit the publish button on Amazon endeavour some things are well put in place.

Some of those things are;

  • Utilize keywords in your story title:

When writing the title of your content ensure that you make use of relevant keywords appropriate to your story.

This will help your prospective readers to be able to find your content either through Google’s search box (SERP) or through Amazon’s search box.

And also, your title should be attractive in nature in such a way it is irresistible.

  • Well written SEO description:

You will be required to write a description of the ebook you want to publish.

When doing that, ensure that you write a good description or small information about the content you want to publish.

Also ensure that the content is SEO friendly.

You can look at this post to understand what SEO is all about.

Wrapping things up on how to make money from your experience

These days, business opportunities can come in any format.

Making money while sharing your experience is another business strategy that, if properly utilized, will benefit you so much.

Amazon is one of those free online marketplace where you can sell almost everything if not anything.

So have you got an experience you wish to share with people? Convert that experience to an ebook and start making money from it by publishing it on Amazon for free.

Hope this was useful. Feel free to share with us your own helpful tips as it regards this post…

Remain blessed and thanks for reading. Feel free to share.

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By Sir Chike

Sir Chike is an Imo born teacher and actor. He studied at Alvan Ikoku Federal college of Education (AIFCE) Owerri, Imo state. He has obtained the following qualifications; 1. Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) in Political Science and Social Studies. 2. Bachelor in Education (B.Ed) in Social Studies