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Status Downloader: the best you can get for free

Let’s say you slid into a friend’s status and you saw videos that you like and you don’t know the downloader app that could help you download them.

Of course, you can write to your friend to request the video but what happens if the person refuses or delays sending it?

This is where the Status Downloader app comes in.

Status Downloader is one of the best status and video downloading apps you can get for free.

The app is free and completely free. This by implication means that you don’t need to pay for anything before you can make use of the tools it came with.

Interestingly, the app does not only save WhatsApp status, but it also saves Facebook reals, Instagram reals, Tiktok videos etc.

With Status Downloader, you are equipped with the best video/status-downloading app in the market.

Let me say again, the app is completely free to use.

How the Status Downloader app works

The Status Downloader app works by tapping on the social media you want to download a video or status.

That is to say, when you launch the application, you will need to select the social media platform you wish to download the video or status.

If it is WhatsApp Business or just ordinary WhatsApp Messenger you will need to click on the app.

When that is done, the Status Downloader automatically highlights all your WhatsApp contacts that have updated their status.

There, you will be asked to either download the status to your gallery or delete it.

I’m sure you will like to download the status/video.

How to use the app for free

The app is always free so you don’t need to bother yourself about paying for any of its tools.

To use the application you will need to first of all download and launch it.

When the app is downloaded from the Play store which of course doesn’t have much MB (size), you can go ahead to open/launch it.

In the app, tap on the hamburger icon (the three parallel lines) at the top left-hand side of your screen.

WhatsApp status downloader

When the side tray opens you will see a list of social media platforms you can choose from.

As I said earlier, you can use the application to download videos from Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Status Downloader app

Let us assume you want to download a video from Facebook using this application.

What is expected of you is to go to Facebook and copy the link of the video to your clipboard.

Come back to the Status Downloader app and click on the aforementioned hamburger icon.

Click on ‘FB video’ which is an acronym for Facebook video.

Check out the blinking anchor icon which is located at the bottom right of your smartphone.

Click on the anchor icon and it will open a box where you can paste the link you copied from Facebook.

When you have pasted the link, click on ‘FIND’ to search on Facebook for the video you wished to download.

A preview of the video will come up just to ensure that that is the video you want to download.

You will like to click on the preview so that you will be able to download the video.

When you click on the video, two options will appear which are ‘Watch and Download’.

Since you want to download the video you will need to click on ‘Download’ so that the video will start downloading straight to your gallery.

That is how it is with other social media platforms. All you need to do is to copy the link of the video, paste it to the appropriate channel and start downloading it.

Wrapping Up: Status Downloader: the best you can get for free

The use of WhatsApp Downloader apps over the years has proven to be worth every time spent on it.

The app is optimized in such a way that users can make use of the app without running into any form of confusion.

With the app, you don’t need to bother about sites where you can download Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok videos.

Feel free to download the small-sized application and start enjoying the goodies it comes with.

Hope this was helpful. Please feel free to leave us a comment in the comments section.

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