Meete-meet new friends nearby (Honest Review)

Okay let’s say you are good at chatting with people and you are not paid for it.

You are good at chatting both on Facebook, twitter and Whatsapp and you are not paid for it.

Maybe you have not heard about the Meete-meet new friends nearby app.

Chat in Meete-meet new friends nearby and make legit Money

The Meete-meet app is where you can chat with people and get paid for it.

It’s just like a love seeking website where you go to chat with the opposite gender.

It is funny to mention that ladies can use the platform for free but if you are a man, sorry you’ll need to buy some gems.

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The gems are like what you need to access the platform and chat with ladies.

It is just like what happens at home. Father’s are the head of the family and of course provide all that are needed in the house.

So here in Meete-meet app, the guys pay for the ladies. Lol.

The app absolutely works fine for ladies (because of the money involved) but if you are a guy who is interested in making money, you should consider other options.

When you install the Meete-meet new friends nearby app

If you are a guy, upon installation and registration many girls will hit you up.

You can now imagine why girls are chatting with you for the first time instead of the other way round.

Sometimes they will be ones trying to woo you. You may be wondering why such a thing was happening in the app.

With that you will fall in love with the app and might choose to make it your favourite social media app.

Do not be deceived, my brother. The ladies are just hustling to increase their diamonds in the app.

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I am not disputing the very fact that you can make good friends from the app.

Infact, I have come across a situation where a husband and wife met in the Meete-meet new friends nearby app.

So you can actually meet good and honest friends on the Meete-Meet social media app.

Strong advice for ladies using the Meete-meet app

If you are a lady using this social media platform you have all what it takes to make good money from it.

All that is expected of you is to initiate a discussion with a man and start getting paid.

It is advised to always think of what topic can keep a man engaged.

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Coming up with such topics increases your chance of making money from the app.

Men are always ready to taste or test new things. If you appear to be old fashioned, they might push you to the other side and look for an alternative.

Warning to those using this Meete-meet new friends nearby

For some time now I have been wondering if the Meete-meet new friends nearby is indeed a legit app or another well-fashioned scam website.

From my findings I came to realise that the platform is in-between “Real and Fake”.

As a guy, upon registration, lots of female friends will hit you and the conversation will start.

Below are some of the reports I’ve gathered that are likely evidence to prove that Meete-meet new friends nearby

I personally HATE meete 2 random girls just texted me straight out of the blue one talkin about some “but i am interested love” fyi i’m only 9 and plus those girls could never catch me if they tried

Justin Reedy

Totally fake app. I think the Reviews on the App Store are all fake too. After trying the app out. I thought it was ok until I was getting Random messages from Women saying “what’s your favourite pizza” or “hello bby how are you.” After replying back to them on their profiles. They either don’t reply back or are totally confused by it. I have noticed bots are pretending to be me as well sending women messages. It’s all fake!!! You don’t know if you really are talking to that person or not. Just a way for you to spend money.

Robert Waller


While you use the Meete-meet new friends nearby app, also be careful because you wouldn’t know if you are talking to your fellow human or a bot.

It is a platform basically for women to make money while men are their source of money generation as they buy gems to talk to ladies.

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