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Why You don’t need a silver spoon to eat good food

Hi there, this is Sir Chike trying once again to help us understand what it means by saying, “you don’t need a silver spoon to eat good food”.

You don’t need a silver spoon to eat good food, was a quote by Paul Prudhomme.

It is a famous quote that has helped many that are still struggling to survive and push further.

For many of us who are seeking how to make money, this quote is one of the things that is pushing us to continue.

We all know what silver is all about and also what it means to be born with a silver spoon.

Eating with a silver spoon simply means that you are rich or the money is available to do anything.

Paul Prudhomme suggested that you don’t need a silver spoon to eat good food. This simply means that you can survive even without being rich.

Our society today is occupied with the notion of “who-knows-who”. This is a society where those who don’t know anybody can never have anything.

The rich try to make it difficult for the poor to get to their level of wealth.

Just like Karl Marx would always say, while the rich are getting richer, the poor continue to soar in abject poverty, hence the gap between the rich and poor deepens.

Why you don’t need a silver spoon to eat good food

Irrespective of the very fact that God created all men equal, the difference in financial acquisitions continues to separate the equality between them.

This quote was created to help people to understand that their present situation of financial decadence won’t last forever.

It is something that changes with time depending on your approach.

Your approach I mean is how you plan to tackle poverty or not being rich.

Every individual is created with a special talent. This talent God gave to each human being was for the betterment of his own life and the glory of God’s name.

Some people are talented in writing or speaking.

Monetizing these talents goes a long way in helping the person become successful in life.

So to make money don’t wait for when your parents make their own money first.

As long as you are a human you are blessed with the talent to survive and better your life.

Because you are not born into a rich family shouldn’t discourage you from trying your own best to make it big.

Meaning of the quote

Paul Prudhomme noticed that in life, you must not be like the others before you can survive. That is why he came up with the quote; “you don’t need a silver spoon to eat good food”.

This quote simply means that you don’t need to be like the others before you can do what you must do.

For you to become successful in life you don’t need to be rich.

Economists will tell you that not all businesses require huge capital to begin.

Many businesses can be started with just a few cents and nurtured into a multimillion venture.

So the bottom line of this whole post is for you to understand that there is nothing bad with starting very small.

How you will get there shouldn’t be the problem but what should worry you the most should be how to start.

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